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Decision Making in Zimbabwe

Welcome back mate!

Decisions. We make them all day. Even mundane decisions such as checking
for new messages on your phone count. Let’s learn about how we Zimbabweans
approach this topic.

Before we get started, let’s learn a few new Shona

Hanzi chii? – What did he/she say?

Gugura – google it!

Saka toita sei? – So what should we do?

So which decision making method does a typical Zimbabwean use?

Well the answer is rather disappointing. I realized that the problem
isn’t limited to Zimbabweans only, but it applies to citizens from around the
world. We wait for others to make decisions for us.

When a teacher asks for an answer from students, the two most common
words the students will whisper are: “Hanzi chii?,” and “Saka toita sei.” Of
course there will be a few students who have the confidence and courage to give
an answer, but…

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